Air Testing & Duct Cleaning

At Tiger Air Heating & Air Conditioning, we have many devices and equipment to help create cleaner, fresher air inside your home. We also carry devices that allow us to test the air and let you know what particles you are breathing in.

The Right Tools for Air Testing

When entering a home to conduct an air quality treatment, we use an air quality tester. This device is handheld and takes measurements inside of your home to determine what type of particles you and your loved ones are breathing in day-to-day.

This air quality tester looks for and detects carbon monoxide, carbon monoxide temperatures, iWaves, UV lights, mold, and so much more. The test takes around 30 minutes once it is plugged in. From here, we can determine the best approach for guaranteeing quality air inside of your home.

Cleaning Your Air Ducts

The next thing we’ll do is clean out your air ducts. We start by sticking a small camera device through your air ducts and taking photos to see what is inside. These devices permit our team to see inside your furnace and air ducts to determine if filtration is needed or if we need to clean out your entire system.

We then make sure everything inside your furnace, vents, and home is cleaned out and ready for the new season. Whatever is needed for your home, Tiger Air Heating & Air Conditioning has the tools for it and we are prepared for the job!

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