Booster Fans

Perhaps there’s a room in your home that needs more warm or cool air, but it just seems that hardly any air or heat is coming out of the vents. Don’t fret, Tiger Heating & Air Conditioning has the solution for you: we can install a booster fan.

Fan Technology

Installing a booster fan will allow better airflow into your home and, in particular, to the room that needs it. The booster fan is nestled right next to the furnace and allows for optimal airflow throughout your home.

The booster fan has a dial that allows for a custom speed to meet your desired airflow preferences throughout your home. You can increase or decrease your rate of airflow with just the twist of a knob. One of our professionals can assist in installing the dial, so that you don’t even need to touch is if that is what you would prefer.

Our team will ensure that your booster fan is installed and set right so that you can be comfortable in your home and not have to worry about it any longer.

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