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Knowing When It’s Time For A Replacement


At Tiger Air Heating & Air Conditioning, we get asked one of the most challenging questions: When is it time for a replacement?

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Asthma Causes

Asthma Causes Asthma is a serious health condition of the lungs. When a person is having an asthma attack the airways get narrower than normal making it hard to breathe. The symptoms of an asthma attack include shortness of breath, coughing, and wheezing. In more severe cases asthma can cause death. There are over 17…

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Controlling Dirty Indoor Air

Controlling Bad Indoor Air Source Removal – The use of source control is the best way to effectively remove biological contaminants in your home. This involves keeping your house very clean and using disinfectant in bathrooms and most surfaces, the best way to improve the indoor air that you breathe is to eliminate the sources…

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Indoor Air Pollutants

Air Bourne Pollutants in your Home Outdoor air pollution is a major health concern and this outdoor air pollution infiltrates our home and we are breathing this air. Indoor pollutants originate from heating, air conditioning, cleaning products, cooking, and painting can cause the release of chemicals into the home. Certified studies have confirmed that the…

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True Cost Calculator

Most people have no idea how much it costs to keep an older heating and cooling system over the next three years. I am going to give you an example of how this plays out including today’s repair if there is a repair, future repairs, utility over payments, and the cost of inflation as the…

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Why You Need a Furnace Filter

Why it’s important to check and change your filters on a regular basis There are many reasons for cleaning and checking your furnace filters on a regular basis. Depending on what type of heating and cooling system you have installed in your home there are different types of filters four different indoor air quality purposes…

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Top 10 Tips for Hiring a Heating and Cooling Contractor

Top 10 Tips for Hiring a Heating and Cooling Contractor 1 Do the research — Find out about license and insurance requirements for HVAC contractors in your state. Be sure they have a Ohio State HVAC License and can provide you with a copy of it. Make note of any uncomfortable rooms or excessive dust.…

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Sound Ratings

Decibel (dB) Comparison Chart Common Sounds you Hear This decibel (dba) table compares some common sound levels and shows how they rank in potential harm to hearing. SOUND NOISE LEVEL (dBA) EFFECT Jet Engines (Close) 140  Very Loud Shotgun Firing 130  Very Loud Jet Takeoff (100-200 Ft.) 130  Very Loud Rock Concert (Varies) 110-140 Threshold…

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Investing In An Air Conditioner

Investing in an Air Conditioner When shopping for a new air conditioning system as the same with a gas furnace you want to purchase a system that’s going to save you the most money on your utility bills and provide you the best comfort. To Reach Proper Comfort You can reach maximum comfort with a…

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Investing In A Furnace

Investing in a Furnace The gas furnace is the main part of the HVAC system. Not only does it heat your home but it contains the blower system for heating and cooling your home. You want a furnace that is not only reliable but also will that will provide the best comfort and efficiency for…

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