Controlling Dirty Indoor Air

Controlling Bad Indoor Air

Source Removal

The use of source control is the best way to effectively remove biological contaminants in your home. This involves keeping your house very clean and using disinfectant in bathrooms and most surfaces, the best way to improve the indoor air that you breathe is to eliminate the sources that are causing the indoor pollution to begin with. Gas stoves produce emissions and the burner can be adjusted to keep the amount of contaminants injected into your air at a low level. If your home has duct work that is covered in asbestos, it is best to have a certified contractor come in and remove the ducts and the asbestos and install new duct work in your home.

Ventilation Upgrades

Another alternative to removing polluted indoor air is to increase the outdoor air coming into your home. You can have a ventilation system installed in your home that is connected to the cold air return on your furnace so when the furnace or air conditioning system is on it will pull in outside air and mix it with the air in your home now by doing this your home is not as tight and you are not breathing stale air contaminated air.

Whole House Air Cleaners

A portable or tabletop air cleaner is not recommended and will not remove pollutants from the air. A whole house media type air cleaner or electronic air cleaner is better suited for removing polluted indoor air in your home. Electronic air cleaners are the most efficient on the market they will remove some odors and can remove smaller particles of dust.

UV Lights

Ultra violet lights or better known as UV Lights are excellent at removing bacteria, viruses, biological indoor pollutants, chemicals in carpeting, and the effects of pet dander. A UV Light is excellent at removing all the contaminants that a air cleaner is not capable of doing. A UV Light is also installed above your inside cooling evaporator air conditioning coil where Legionnaires Disease can develop, the UV Light will kill the Legionnaires Disease and also keep your coil clean so that proper airflow will pass through it.

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