Furnace Installation

You may have wondered what goes when installing a new home furnace. At Tiger Air Heating & Air Conditioning, we have the answers.

Installing A New Furnace

There’s a lot more to installing a furnace than digging out the old one and inserting the new furnace. Many homes have older furnaces, which tend to not line up with the newer furnaces being made. There is much different equipment now than what you would have had ten to twenty years ago. So nothing ever lines up the same in regards to the furnaces being installed today.

At Tiger Air Heating & Air Conditioning, we typically have to retrofit and fabricate sheet metal for the furnaces we install. We have our fabrication shop located inside of our trucks when we arrive for installation. Our trucks are retrofitted with a Pittsburgh machine, a break, and other things most companies in the same field do not have.

Most companies will put sheet metal together with screws or tape and things of that nature. But at Tiger Air Heating & Air Conditioning, we show up and replace all the metal to fit perfectly and look brand new. Our Pittsburgh hand-crafted sheet metal is top-of-the-line, durable material. No screws, tape, or other components are needed to keep the metal fitting formal and tight.

When our professionals arrive for a job, sometimes the ductwork needs replacing due to undersize. When you install a new furnace, the return isn’t sized adequately for what it’s pulling, so you may need to build a bigger one. You have to fabricate all the stuff that goes around it and replace it. Besides that, we replace all the electrical and gas components and anything else into a furnace installation.

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