Investing In A Furnace

Investing in a Furnace

The gas furnace is the main part of the HVAC system. Not only does it heat your home but it contains the blower system for heating and cooling your home. You want a furnace that is not only reliable but also will that will provide the best comfort and efficiency for your home. It must be properly sized to deliver the proper comfort, humidity and temperature throughout all the rooms of your home with the greatest amount of efficiency to keep your utility bills low.

Gas Furnace Efficiencies

Gas furnaces today have efficiency’s of up to 98% there have been great strides made in the past 8 years to deliver this type of efficiency. With a 90% plus furnace you are not using the inside air for combustion as you would with a lower efficiency furnace.

With a 90% plus efficiency furnace it will pull the air from outside for the combustion process which will not only increase your efficiency, but it will help to eliminate drafts in your home by not causing your home to go into a negative pressure and pulling in outside air along with the dirt into your home. A 90 plus furnace will give you the fastest pay back in savings ON your gas bills, most of our clients tell us that they are saving approximately $100 per month on their gas bills.

An 80% furnace uses the inside air for combustion causing more drafts in the home, you will still save money on your gas bill but it will be a longer payback time.

Multi-stage Gas Furnaces

A Multi-stage furnace is a two stage furnace, and is sized for the coldest days of the year but as we all know every day in the winter is not the coldest, during the day in the winter time it’s warmer, and after 5 p.m. the sun goes down and it gets colder. In layman’s terms to way these furnaces work is, it measures the length of the last cycle.

To give you an example, in the winter, it is warmer during the daytime. Therefore, the furnace does not run as long so the furnace says to itself, ‘we’re not running as long it must be getting warmer outside, so we will go into low fire and will run on low fire’. However, the cycle will run longer and we will be pulling more of the cold air out of the house and running it past the hot heat exchanger, delivering more even heat throughout the home.

As the day wears on and generally when you get past 5 p.m., the sun goes down the temperature drops and the furnace starts to run its cycle longer, and the furnace will say ‘we are running our cycle longer, it must be getting colder outside, so therefore we’re going to go into high fire’ and now the furnace will have the full force of the furnace to heat the house as the temperature is dropping and getting colder. A two-stage furnace doesn’t save you any gas because when it’s running in low fire the cycle is running longer, a two-stage furnace is designed to give you more even temperatures the throughout your home.

Variable Motors

Efficiency – A variable motor is a DC motor and operates on 8 to 12 volts and it is recommended that you run the motor on these furnaces 24 hours seven days a week, you are doing this to even out the temperatures throughout your home. The cost for constant operation is only $50 a year.

Dehumidification – The DC motor has special programming to better dehumidifier your home in the summer months. By removing more humidity out of your home you can actually turn your thermostat up a couple of degrees and achieved the same comfort level at the same time reducing your electric bill.

Constant Blower – By running to motor constantly you are taking the air out of the house and refilling it, you are getting several air exchanges throughout the day. By running the motor constantly you are also making your humidifier or air cleaner 100% efficient, what I mean by that is with a regular motor that comes on and off only when your furnace is on or when your air conditioning is on, when it is in the off cycle your humidifier or air cleaner is not working, the only way to achieve cleaner air in the home or proper humidification is to keep the humidifier or the air cleaner energized all the time.

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