Investing In An Air Conditioner

Investing in an Air Conditioner

When shopping for a new air conditioning system as the same with a gas furnace you want to purchase a system that’s going to save you the most money on your utility bills and provide you the best comfort.

To Reach Proper Comfort

You can reach maximum comfort with a 2-speed air conditioning system. Your air conditioner is sized for the hottest days of the season which are very few days, with a two speed air conditioning system and the same with a 2-speed gas furnace when it’s not as hot outside let’s say 90° or better and you are still using your air conditioner you do not need the full power of the air conditioning system, so if have a two speed air conditioning system the air conditioner will run at a lower level providing you maximum comfort and dehumidification which is very important.

Efficiency of Air Conditioner

The government has mandated that all air conditioners manufactured today must be a minimum of 13 SEER. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, this is similar to the mileage of a car the higher the Seer rating the lower your electric bill. Most older air conditioners are only 8 seer and a new 13 Seer air conditioner is supposed to lower your bill 50% for every increase in SEER level you lower your electric bill by 10%. This is how the rating system works in reality it is going to also matter if your equipment is sized properly and your duck work is sized properly and if you have the proper air flow going through the home this is the only way that you will come close to achieving this type of efficiency.

Over Sized Air Conditioner

If your air conditioning system is over sized it will not dehumidify your home it will actually make your home more uncomfortable, you can feel like you’re walking through a cold swamp. An oversized air conditioning system will pull the temperature down in your house and hardly remove any humidity out of the house making it very uncomfortable. A properly sized air conditioning system will do what it’s supposed to do and dehumidify the house to a comfortable level before it starts pulling the temperature down this is what you want. An oversized air conditioning system will cycle on and off many more times driving your electric bill through the roof. 70% of your electric bill is when the air conditioning is on for the first 23 minutes after that it’s like a car on cruise control the air conditioner can run for a very long time and that’s only 30% of your electric bill.

Inside Evaporator Coil

The inside air conditioning evaporator coil is located above your furnace. There are two parts to your air conditioning system the outside condenser which everybody sees and the inside evaporator coil, the two of them must be replaced together because it has to be a matched system to get the properly energy efficiency. This evaporator coil also must be kept clean by having a proper filtration filter system on your furnace so as it does not become clogged with dirt and debris restricting the airflow and also restricting its ability to deem it by your home.

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