Knowing When It’s Time For A Replacement

At Tiger Air Heating & Air Conditioning, we get asked one of the most challenging questions: When is it time for a replacement? This question is challenging regarding an air conditioning unit, furnace, or anything else we replace and repair.

Answering A Tough Question

Honestly, this is always a tricky question since it depends on people’s budgets, what they’re comfortable with, and how long they wish to stay in the home.

But when answering the question correctly, you need to look at a few things. One of those things to look at is how old the unit is, which helps determine whether you need a replacement or can repair the unit. At Tiger Air Heating & Air Conditioning, we recommend replacing your unit at fifteen years old or older.

The typical cost of a replacement is somewhere around five to six hundred dollars plus repair costs. If you are looking to repair only, you need to understand that these costs will increase as each year passes. Without a complete replacement, you are only adding more charges. The unit will need frequent repairs to maintain proper usage.

Older equipment isn’t as sufficient as newer equipment, so we recommend replacing the unit altogether. Older equipment will generally cost more in the long run to repair and maintain.

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There are many variables to consider when replacing or repairing your heating or cooling unit. Contact Tiger Air Heating & Air Conditioning today to learn more on how we can potentially save you money.

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