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Most people have no idea how much it costs to keep an older heating and cooling system over the next three years. I am going to give you an example of how this plays out including today’s repair if there is a repair, future repairs, utility over payments, and the cost of inflation as the cost of the equipment rises every year.

If your heating and cooling system is over 17 years old and you have high utility bills or if you have done more than 3 repairs in the past or you’re calling every year because something is wrong with the system it is cheaper to replace your system than it is to keep putting money into your old Heating and Cooling equipment.

  • Safety – An older system has the potential of carbon monoxide poisoning and electrical fires.
    Today’s Repair – There may or may not be a repair today, if we were called to your home for a problem there probably will be.
  • Warranty – You’re equipment has no warranty and a new system has a 10 year warranty
  • Utility Overpayment – This is the amount you are overpaying because your equipment is inefficient.
  • How Long Will You Live Here – If you are staying you are paying for new equipment already in utility overpayments.
  • Age of Equipment – Systems that are over 17 years old are nearing their end of life cycle.
  • Comfort – With today’s technology advancements you will achieve much greater comfort in your home.
  • Convenience – Install your system on your time line not when it fails in the middle of winter.
  • Operating Hours – Your new equipment can be operating on much longer cycles without failure.
  • Reliability – A new system will have a lot less chance of breakdowns.
  • Future Repairs – Although we cannot predict a future repair the likelihood is good that it will happen.
Life Expectancy Years: 3
Today’s Repair $ 390.00
Utility Overpayment $ 55.00 x 3 years = $ 1,650.00
Future Repairs $ 175.00
Evaluation Fee $ 37.00
Inflation $140 x 3 years = $520
Total cost to keep your
system over the next
3 years = $2,772.00


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