Why Buy A Humidifier

The Air Inside Your House Has Very Little Moisture and is Drier Than You Think… A Whole House Humidifier is the Solution!

The best humidity level in your home is 45%, and in most homes, it is only 10%.

Low Humidity Levels Causes Many Problems:

  • Causes warping of doors, wood flooring and cracking of furniture
  • Static electricity
  • Dry throats, agitates allergies

Advantages of a Whole House Humidifier:

  • You can lower your thermostat because your house will feel warmer
  • Reduce allergies and dust
  • Restores moisture to furniture, wood floors and door frames
  • Your home will feel much more comfortable

Types of Whole House Humidifiers

By-Pass Humidifier

The bypass humidifier uses the furnaces blower to deliver the humidity throughout the house. This humidifier is adequate mild conditions of humidity control.

Power Humidifier

The power humidifier is the most popular humidifier installed in most homes. This humidifier has its own blower to distribute the humidity throughout your home. The power humidifier can humidify a home up to 4000 square feet and will provide the best moisture comfort levels in your home.

Steam Humidifier

The steam humidifier is for someone who needs serious humidity levels in their home. This humidifier is for people who may have expensive furnishings such as a grand piano, grandfather clock, or high-end furniture. This humidifier will raise your electric bill approximately $45 per month. This is another reason why this humidifier is designed for someone that has a specific need for a certain amount of humidity in their home.

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