Why You Need a Furnace Filter

Why it’s important to check and change your filters on a regular basis

There are many reasons for cleaning and checking your furnace filters on a regular basis. Depending on what type of heating and cooling system you have installed in your home there are different types of filters four different indoor air quality purposes for your home.

All heating and cooling systems have some type a filter or filtration system to keep your furnace clean efficient and running properly.

Filters that are not changed on a regular basis or filters that are supposed to be cleaned on a regular basis and are not cleaned will become restricted and choke the air flow to the equipment causing poor air flow and comfort issues to your home and rising electric and gas bills and will also cause premature equipment failure. If you don’t have proper filtration for your furnace and air conditioning system you will load your equipment with dirt and debris and also you will load your evaporator cooling coil which is located above your furnace for your air conditioning system and block the airflow going through it and also reduce the efficiency of the coil to remove the amenity in your home during the air conditioning cycle. When you take into consideration the cost of replacing your furnace and air conditioning system it is best to replace your filter or clean your filter if it’s required on a regular basis to prevent you from replacing your equipment or having future breakdowns.

Filters on your heating and cooling system keep the circulated air in your home clean

If you or other people living in your home have allergies or if there is excessive dust in your home it is best to change your filters on a monthly basis if you have a whole house media type filter it is best to change the filter every 6 months.

Cheaper one inch disposable thrill throw away filters do not give you much filtration they will remove larger particles of dust but it is not enough. If you purchase a better quality whole house media type filter you will get much better filtration and a crew remove much more smaller particles out of your home which will make your quality of air much better and your equipment much cleaner.

If you are thinking of moving up to a better filtration system it is best to have an HVAC professional check the duct work in your system that it can carry enough air flow through the filter and that your blower and your furnace is powerful enough to move the air flow through it. When you get a better filter it is also thicker and it will restrict the air flow more especially as it loads up with dirt and dust this is why it is so very important to have a professional advise you properly so that he can properly size the new air filter plus the duct work if needed.

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