Wiring Installation For Your New Furnace Or Air Conditioning Unit

When you have a new new furnace or AC unit installed, it’s more than just taking the old out and putting the new in. For instance, we also come in and replace the wiring for your newly installed devices.

Getting The Job Done Right

At Tiger Air Heating & Air Conditioning, we replace pretty much everying, including the line set and the wiring. If you purchase an AC system with your install, we go in and replace the line set, replacing all the wiring besides the 220. If you lack a two-twenty, then we can add that and give your AC unit everything that it needs to function correctly. We can run it outside of your home and add a breaker if the panel is updated. We can handle the electrical component if your panel is up to date.

Furthermore, we can also replace the freon lines, condenser, coils, and more. Once these are replaced or installed, we test the cables with nitrogen – using a nitrogen testing kit. This test checks for freon leaks, which are bad for the environment. The nitrogen is perfectly legal to run through your system to test your lines. This aids in detecting harmful substances like toxins or contaminants, providing you with the most efficient AC or furnace you can get.

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